Thursday, June 10, 2010

Read Naruto 498 and Naruto 499 Prediction

Naruto Chapter 498 is already released
Read it here.

After meeting with his mother Kushina, Naruto which already half controlled by Kyubi gained his consciousness. Together with Kushina's chakra they intentd to defeat Kyubi hatred, while they have a little talk. Kushina tell the story about her Red hair and also how she fell in love to Minato.

Well on the Naruto 499 I think the final showdown again Kyubi is started. How it will be? Can't wait for next week. XD~

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Naruto 496 Prediction

Naruto 495 has already released.
Click here to read it.

In this chapter, Bee is thanking Naruto for saving his friend's life and he tell Naruto to back to waterfall and fight the evil Naruto in his heart. Well this time Naruto able to beat this creepy creature on his heart.

But this is just the first step. The next step, Naruto have to Fight Kyubi. Will Naruto beat it? Course he will..! What a stupid question. But the question is How?

Read Psyren 119 and Psyren 120 Prediction

Psyren Chapter 119 is already out
Read it here.

While Ageha and Amamiya trying to save the people of the root escaping from WISE. Kabuto show the enemy with his new power of Vision. Well as we predict this will be an easy battle. For next maybe we will hear about Ageha or Amamiya fight, What will happen to them or will they able to beat Junas. Or how did Ageha father did in this future.

Well cant wait till the next episodes.

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