Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bleach 328 Prediction and read Bleach Chapter 327

Bleach Chapter 327 is already released.
Read it here.

"The Knock Down Monster" bodies reached it's maksimum size. He trying to smash Tetsuzaemon. Tetsuzaemon trying to escape from his smash while bring Ikakku. But he will be fail if only Captain Komamura didn't save him. Captain Komamura tell him not to escapes in any condition happen, Tetsuzaemon know his fault and give his hope to Captain Komamura.

Captain Komamura activated his Bankai "Kokujo Tengen Myouou", and smash "The Knockdown Monster".... The story continued to Bleach Chapter 328, In the next chapter I think captain Komamura will control the situation.

Can't wait for the Bleach Chapter 328.

Gantz 282 Prediction and Read Gantz 281 Here

Gantz Chapter 281 is already released
Read it here.

After leaving Gantz apartment, Kurono found himself lost his memories, live for a month but not like himself. He feels kinda annoying for this, he find for his lover, Tae-chan. Meanwhile Kato goes to his apartment and looking for Ayumu, but Ayumu isn't there. so he searching and find Ayumu and find him outside the apartment near the street.

Kurono goes to his appartment so does Tae-Chan, they meet in front of Kurono's appartment, Their love didn't fade even already separated by death twice.

For Gantz Chapter 282, I think it will only tells about Kurono's or Kei chan's daily life until the Catasthrope comes.

Psyren 41 Prediction and Read Psyren 40 Here

Psyren Chapter 40 (Experiment) is already released
Read it here.

After in Chapter 39 Amamiya gain her victorious against Gizani, this time is Oboro and Asaga's turn to beat Gordeaux. Oboro use his cure specialities to attack Gordeaux who has already become undead because absorbing countless live to make his body. As the result, Oboro's cure ability make a destruction on his body structure. Amamiya comes to them after they beat Gordeaux.
Meanwhile Ageha and Kabuto still pursued by Dholaki, in this critical time, Kabuto discover his speciality "Vision" which able to see how far and how powerfull Dholaki's attack will be. Ageha have a plan to attack and by combining their power. He sure, they will win this match.
The battle will continued in Psyren Chapter 42, what will Ageha do against Dholaki, and how he will beat him. In the next chapter I think Ageha's Speciality will showed up and kick up this annoying Wise's member.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

One Piece Chapter 516 Spoiler and Read One Piece Chapter 515 Here

One Piece Chapter 515 (Adventures on the Isle of Woman) was already released.
Read it here.

In this chapter mentioned the story of the Isle of Woman and their lifestyle. Luffy finally awake and the all of the woman in the Isle of Woman finally see a man for their first time. But for avoiding the anger from their empress, the woman soldier trying to kill Luffy, but at this time Luffy catch Margaret, and fleeing from the town.
In the jungle, Luffy tells Margaret that he is a pirate, then Margaret says their empress, Hebihime-Sama is also a great Pirate Woman, who bring the best of warrior in the Isle of Woman travelling across the sea. Meanwhile in the port Hebihime ship is almost arrive. Kikyou, the leader of Isle of Woman's warrior ordered all warrior to go to the jungle to eliminate Luffi and save Margaret before Hebihime-Sama arrive.
I think One Piece chapter Luffy will faced Hebihime, hope Hebihime will understand and help Luffy to find all of his "Nakama".

D-Gray Man 174 Spoiler and Read D-Gray Man 173 Here

D-Gray Man Chapter 173 was already released
Read it Here.

In this chapter, Allen remember his past with Mana and also remember the last word General Cross Marian advice to him, that his path was not decides, but he decides his own path.
Meanwhile, the police officer guarding the Crown National Treasure was fooled again by Mysterious Thief G. He captured by Kanda, but he change his host into one of the police and appear as a new Thief G. This time he stopped by Allen, but this time he uses Link as his host.
Will Allen able to free link from Mysterious Thief G possesses? We'll see next chapter. I think D-Gray Man chapter 174 will show what the relation between the Innocence they hunt with the Mysterious Thief G.

Jackals 12 Spoiler and Read Jackals 10-11 Here

Jackals chapter 10 and 11 was already released.
Read it here.

In chapter 10 "Alligator" Nichol ordered by mysterious person, but this man is Gabriela's "Flying Monkey" Jasper. With a battle, Nichol able to slash Jasper's body with his Alligator, but "Darkness" Isaac the Gabriela's leader is crushing into him and their battle is about to begin.

Meanwhile, "Requiem" Huya trying to recover his wound in his grandmother house. His grandmother. His grandmother wants he stop from being a Jackals, but the night before he leaves his house, his grandmother were killed by "Hollow", who pursuing him. The next chapter will happen a great battle between Isaac and Nichol, also between Huya and Hollow.

Psyren 40 Spoiler and Read Psyren 39 Online Here

PsyrenChapter 39 (Trance) was already released.
Read it here.

In this chapter, the battle between Amamiya and Gizani begin. Gizani try his best to beat Amamiya mind injection and finally able to crush her Mind Jack Scythe. He saw that Amamiya already crushed.

But the real thing is Amamiya didn't use his schythe to inject her enemies mind, but too create an explosion that able to make illusion to her target. With this she successfully beat Gizani and break his Tavoo Core. I think the enxt chapter will show Oboro's battle.... what will happen to them, and will they survive on this Psyren's Game... Lets see next chapter.

Anyone has the spoiler for Psyren 40? Please leave a comment.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Bleach 327 Spoiler and Read Bleach 326 Here

Bleach Chapter 326 (The Knock Down Monster) was already released.
Read it Here.

In this chapter Ikkaku's Pillar start to destroyed, but not totally destroyed before he dies. He is the first one fallen. The fake "Karakuri" is in danger, because the real Karakuri will return. But at this critical time Captain Komakura help him. And Tetsuzaimon also help to stop the transfer of Real Karakuri using his sword.

But the "KnockDown monster" isn't defeated yet. He punch Komakura away and starting to attack Tetsuzaimon with his "Calderon". What will happen to them? Will they win this battle? Can't wait until next chapter released.

Anyone has the spoiler for Bleach chapter 327? Please leave a comment

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Naruto 418 Spoiler and Read Naruto 417 Here

Naruto Chapter 417 has been released
Read it here.

Naruto start to practice "The Sage Technique" without the Sage's oil. He also train to absorb natural energy by stopping his movement. While Sasuke and his team gathering to regain their power to attacking Konoha. But "Mangekyo Sharingan" probably start to effect on his eyes and start to make his eye sight blury.
Tobi bring the Eight tailed beast to the rendezvous point, now The Akatsuki only need to wait for Pain to begin absorb the Eight Tailed Beast's power. Meanwhile Raikage starting his movement but his spy was captured by Sasuke, and now he need to send Omoi and Karui, his best member, to pursuing Akatsuki.
On next chapter, Naruto's Sage training will be completed, and start awakening his power. Anyone has the Spoiler for Naruto 418 ? Please leave a comment....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Psyren 39 Spoiler and Read Psyren 38

After escaping with from one of Wise member " The Great Dholaki", Amamiya and the other separate within 3 groups. Dholaki ordered his two servant to pursuing them Gizani and Gordeaux. Amamiya pursued by Gizani, their battle will begin soon. Meanwhile, Ageha and Kirisaki pursued by Dholaki hide within the rock, Ageha said if only he know how far Dholaki explosive power range, he should be able to counter it.
Hiryuu.. who badly wounded after taking Dholaki explosion, finaly caught by one of Dholaki subordinates, but Oboro come to help him. Amamiya who cornered by Gizani show her speciality power "Mind Jack : Insanity Size" which allow her to change her mind into a steel.
The next chapter should consist of a lt of battle. Will Ageha Cs. survive in this Psyren's game ? Can't wait until chapter 39 released.
Anyone has Spoiler for Psyren 39? Please leave a comment .

Saturday, September 13, 2008

One Piece 515 Spoiler and read One Piece 514

After defeated the Straw Hat Pirate crew was shattered around the world. In this chapter Monkey D Luffy arrive at a mysterious island in the middle of the ocean. In this island he try to find his another team member. But because of tired and hunger he ate some of strange mushroom and the mushroom start to grow from it's body.

Luckily he helped by some group of woman, he treated in their base. They very surprise to see a man for the first time. Because this island is "Amazon Lily" the island of woman where "The Kuja" a group of female warrior live.

What will happen with him, and will he able to find his comrades? Can't wait until the next chapter. Anyone have a spoiler for One Piece 516? Please leave a comment.

Gantz 281 Spoiler and Read Gantz 280 Online

Gantz Chapter 280 has already released.
Read it here.

In this chapter Kei Kurono has already revived by Katou - san, he realized that he has been dies outside a mission by the Vampire. Kurono and Katou promised that they will gain their freedom together. Kurono see that the vampires was among them, he try to rush on them but Katou stopped him and tell they also already trapped in Gantz game. Realized that it was useless battle Kurono stop himslef.

But Nishi start to tells that it's useless of who being alive and who dies. Because all the mankind will be eleminated when Catasthrope comes. All of it will start when the Nuclear War begin, and they only have a week left. What will happen on next chapter.........

Anyone has Spoiler for Gantz 281 ? please leave a comment.

Full Metal Alchemist 88 Spoiler and Read Full Metal Alchemist 87

Full Metal Alchemist 87 is released
Read it here.

In this chapter Colonel Roy Mustang discover the old photos of Selim Bradley where he never aged a day from last 50 years, this make sure that he was a homunculus . His plan begin with all his subordinates and kidnap The President wife as a hostage. Meanwhile the battle between Edward Elric and his companion with Pride and Gluttony still continues.

Pride gain his power after the light back started to attack Edward, while Ran Fan and Ling attack Gluttony. Edward try to free Ed using a flashbang, so his shadow cannot reach him. At the end of the chapter, Pride kill Gluttony and absorb his power to scent. This will be a deadly ability combination. But at this critical situation Hohenheim appear to help his sons. What will happen on the next chapter... Gee, I can't imagine.

Anyone has the Full Metal Alchemist 88 Spoiler? please leave a comment.

Friday, September 12, 2008

D.Gray-Man 173 Spoiler and Read D.Gray-Man 172 Online

D.Gray-Man 172 already out.
Read it here.

In this new chapter, two month after General Cross Marian disappear, Allen Walker and the other was sent to discover the truth about Mysterious Thief G. There something strange with this thief, the more police catch the thief, he always appear again, and looks like he has no bodies so he uses someone else bodies to do the thievery.

So, Allen and his comrades must discover the truth about this. And this strange thief must be related to Innocence they are looking for. At the end of the chapter there is an announcement from G that he will do his action again. What Allen will do to stop this? Can't wait until the next chapter released.

Anyone has spoiler for D.Gray-Man 173 ?, please leave a comment.

BioMeat - Nectar 61 Spoiler and Read BioMeat - Nectar 60

Read BioMeat - Nectar 60 already out
Read it here.

Maaya finaly decided to help Shinoura to save Buu and Kano - chan,with them come along Lune Chan and her friend Kiryuu.
Meanwhile in the bus Buu and Kano - chan try to convence the people whohave already lost their hope. The time show at 3AM and the BioMeat try to get to the bus.
Maaya try to sneak out from the safe zone. What Maaya plan and how to do it will answered in the next episode.

Anyone has the spoiler for Biomeat - Nectar 61 please leave a comment.

Bleach 326 Prediction and Read Bleach 325

Bleach 326 Finally out
Read it here.

In this chapter Hisagi Shuhei show his Zanpakuto, "Kazeshini". The battle begin with real power of Hisagi. I really like his motto when he says that "The one who didn't fear his own weapon, are not worthy to hold it".

But the end of the chapter, one of the pillars destroyed. That mean one of them lose, Ikkaku has fallen, what are his fates, and what will await them in the next chapter?

Anyone has spoilers for Bleach 326 ? Please leave a comment...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Naruto 417 Prediction and Read Naruto 416

Naruto 416 ( The Legend of The Gutsy Ninja ) was already out.
You can read it here.

On this chapter Naruto read the last book aranged by Jiraiya - sama and he remembered the past when he training with Jiraiya, he read the book about A gutsy Ninja who protect his village by risking his own life ( I think Jiraiya was tells about naruto's stories this time ^^).

Sasuke Finaly beat the KillerBee and go to rendezvous point and meet with Tobi. He plan to rest a while and make his way to Konoha and destroy the village. He tells his hatred of the village to Tobi, he will destroy and kill all the people in the village and kill anyone that in his ways.

Meanwhile, Killerbee brother, Raikage, was very angry because Akatsuki beat his brother, he will make his revenge on the next chapter.

Anyone has the spoiler for Naruto 417, please leave a comment.

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