Friday, January 30, 2009

One Piece Chapter 530 is out

One Piece Chapter 530 is finally out
Read it online here.

In this new chapter, Luffy, Buggy and Mr.3 fall down to Impel Down level.3 known as "The Starvation Hell". Here they were almost captured, but Thanks to the mad Sphinx at from level 2 they able to escape.
Here Buggy and Mr.3 separated from Luffy, and Luffy escaping to continue his mission to save Portgas D. Ace at Level 5. For the One Piece Chapter 531, I think Buggy and Mr. 3 will reunite with Luffy and continue their journey to level 4. But itl will be hard because they have to face "Saldeath" the chief guard and also the commaner of "Blugory"

Bleach Chapter 343 is out

Bleach Chapter 343 is finally out
Read it here.

In this chapter Yammy "the Gluttony" help Ulquiorra who fight with Ichigo. But Ulquiorra didn't let Yammy to help him. So Yammy attacking Inoue, but at this critical time, Ishida come to help. With the land mine made specially for Arankal.

In Bleach chapter 344 the fight between them will still continues. Ichigo Vs. Ulquiorra and Ishida Vs. Yammy.

Anyone has spoiler for Bleach 344? Please leave a comment

Naruto Chapter 433 is out

Naruto Chapter 433 is already out.
Read it Online here

In this chapter Naruto run out of sage mode, but thanks to hiskagebushin at Myobokuzan mountain, he able to return to sage mode as fast as possible. But Pain God Realm already gain his full power, While Naruto finally beat the Pain Hell realm who able to ressurect the other Pain.

Next in Naruto chapter 434, Sage Naruto will battle with God Realm Pain. Who is stronger between this Jiraiya's pupils will be answered in next chapter.

Anyone have spoiler for Naruto Chapter 434? Please leave a comment.

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