Thursday, March 12, 2009

Read and Review Bleach Chapter 349 and Bleach 350 Prediction

Bleach Chapter 349 is already released.
Read it Online here.

In this chapter Ichigo hurt badly and he almost die because his chest is ripped apart. Inoue who trying to help him confused on what she should do. Ishida trying to protect Inoue and sacrifice his left hand but its all no match for Ulquiorra. At the end of the chapter Ishida beated by Ulquiorra, Inoue who confused and feeling despair crying out loudly and asking for Ichigo's help.

At this time Ichigo revived and react to Inoue's screaming. But what he able to do with that condition on his body? Can't wait until the Bleach Chapter 350 Released. Anyone has spoiler for Bleach Chapter 350? Please leave a comment.

Read and Review Naruto Chapter 439 and Naruto 440 Prediction

Naruto Chapter 439 has already released.
Read it here.

Previously at Naruto 438, God realm Pain use his Secret Technique "Chibaku Tensei" against Naruto. This technique create a mass of chakra that shot into the air then it absorb it surrounding and compressed into a huge mass ball made from the soil. Well, Pain use this to capture and trap six tailed kyubi Naruto. Inside the trap Naruto confused on what he must be do, or how he will get rid of his pain, then Kyubi tell him to destroy everything that hurt him, Naruto released the seal and then Eight Tailed Kyubi Naruto released.

Yamato who know this make his way hasty to Konoha Village and trying his best to stop Kyubi. but when Naruto trying to completely released the seal. Yondaime, the 4th Hokage, spirit stop him. Whew this chapter are rocks. I didn't even predict that Yondaime will appear here. Well for the Naruto Chapter 440 I think there will be a conversation between Naruto and Yondaime, I think Yondaime will tell Naruto the "Reason" and answer why Naruto must keep running in the right path even it's hurt him. Anyone has Spoiler or prediction of Naruto 440? please leave a coment.

Naruto .gif , Avatars, Moving Picture, And Animation Picture

Here are list some of website that hosted various Naruto .Gif, avatar and also Animated Picture, visit them and download the images for free. Credit goes to them who hosted this great Naruto .gif.
Well, that's it.. !!

Naruto Gif :

- Naruto Anime Manga Series animated gifs from Naruto World : Visit
- Naruto Manga And Anime gif pics from Saiya Island : Visit
- Chibi Naruto Manga And Anime gif pics from Anikaos : Visit
- Naruto Manga And Anime gif pics from Anikaos : Visit
- More Naruto Manga And Anime gif pics from : Visit
- Naruto Manga And Anime gif pics from Photobucket Album : Visit
- Naruto Manga And Anime gif pics from Aytaca : Visit
- Naruto Manga And Anime gif pics from Gif Mania : Visit
- Naruto Manga And Anime gif pics from Naruto Base : Visit
- Naruto Manga And Anime gif pics from Majin Arena : Visit
- Other Naruto Manga And Anime gif pics from Ani Kaos : Visit
- Naruto Manga And Anime gif pics from The 8th Cortex : Visit
- Naruto Manga And Anime gif pics from Naruto Fan 15 : Visit
- Naruto Manga And Anime gif pics from Naruto Gen : Visit
- Naruto Manga And Anime gif pics from Peperonity : Visit
- Naruto Manga And Anime gif pics from Chuunin Community : Visit
- Spirtes Sheet Naruto Manga And Anime gif pics from Naruto In Jakat : Visit

Naruto Characters Animated Gif :
- Abumi Zaku Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Aburame Shino Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Akamaru Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Akamichi Chouji Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Akasun Sasori Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Anbu Squad Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Baki Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Deidara Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Ebisu Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Enma The Monkey King Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Gaara of The Sand Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Gamabunta Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Gamakichi Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Gekkou Hayate Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Gouzu & Meizu (Demon Brothers) Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Haku Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Haruno Sakura Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Hatake Kakashi Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Hoshigaki Kisame Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Hyuga Hanabi Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Hyuga Hiashi Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Hyuga Hinata Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Hyuga Hizashi Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Hyuga Neji Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Inari Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Inuzuka Kiba Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Jiraiya Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Jiroubou Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Kankuro Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Kazekage Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Kidoumaru Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Kin Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Kinuta Dosu Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Konohamaru Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Kyuubi / Nine-Tailed Fox Demon Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Maito Gai / Might Guy Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Mitokado Homura Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Mizuki Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Momochi Zabuza Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Morino Ibiki Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Naara Shikamaru Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Namiashi Raidou Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Orochimaru Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Pakkun Ninja Dog / Nindog Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Rock Lee Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Sakon And Ukon Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Sarutobi Asuma Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Sarutobi Hiruzen / 3rd Hokage Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Senju Hashirama / 1st Hokage Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Senju Tobirama / 2nd Hokage Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Shiranui Genma Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Shizune Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Shukaku / One-Tailed Demon Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Tatami Iwashi Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Tazuna Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Temari Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Tenten Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- TonTon Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Tsunade Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Tsunami Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Uchiha Itachi Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Uchiha Sasuke Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Umino Iruka Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Utatane Koharu Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Uzumaki Naruto Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Yakushi Kabuto Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Yamanaka Ino Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Yashamaru Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Yuhi Kurenai Animated Gif Pics : Visit
- Zetsu Animated Gif Pics : Visit

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Change-123 : Manga Worth to Read

Change 123 is a manga created by Iku Sakaguchi and Shiuru Iwasawa. This manga tells us about Kosukegawa, a young school boy who loved Kamen Rider much with his schoolmate Getou Motoko. The problem start when Kosukegawa knows that within Getou body, she has three other personality which can change anytime. This three personality refer themselves as HiFuMi (Hibiki, Fujiko, Mikiri) which has a strong power and various combat technique. Its looks like there are four person in one body.

The biggest problem is when the journey continues they realized that within the body there are one hidden personality of Getou known as Zero, which is polluted of her anger and hatred. Zero has a large amount of hatred and also power, so she will attack anyone within her eyesight. Well maybe its not fun if I tell you all the story but if you want you can Read the manga here. Well that's a short information about Change123. Enjoy this manga ;)

Love Hina Great Wallpaper

Well, some people categories Love Hina as a hentai, but not for me. I categories it as a great love story Between Urashima Keitarou and Narusegawa Naru. A great comics by Ken Akamatsu.
Ok, Here are some Love Hina Great wallpaper.

Love Hina Great WallpaperLove Hina Great Wallpaper

Love Hina Great Wallpaper

Detective Conan : Shinichi and Ran Wallpaper.

Here are some of Shinichi and Ran Wallpaper, This wallpaper from the Anime Detective Conan/Case Closed.
Well some of great images tough.
Thanks and Credit goes to you who create this great wallpaper.

Detective Conan Wallpaper

Detective Conan Wallpaper

Detective Conan Wallpaper

Detective Conan/Case Closed Wallpapers by Sky

Here are some Detective Conan Wallpaper. They are great wallpaper and all wallpaper use minimum color, and that makes them looks like a classic wallpaper.
Credit goes to Sky.
Thanks to you, you guys are awesome.

Ran and Conan

[480x272] [800x600] [1024x768]

Conan and Friends

[800x600] [1024x768]

Conan Wallpaper


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Read and Review Gantz Chapter 348

Gantz Chapter 293 (The Price of Courage) is already out.
Read it here.

After helped by Suzuki who sacrifice his life in Gantz Chapter 292, Inaba make his decision. He take Suzuki weapon and strike at all of the aliens surrounding him. He almost manage to beat all of them if only the big statue alien didn't come to his place. Other Gantz member trying to fight the aliens with their best. At the end of the Chapter Kurono and Sato see Inaba call him, right before those great allien feet crushing on his body. Maybe this is sad, but this time I am sure Suzuki and Inaba are done for.

Gantz Chapter 294 will be rocks. Did the big alliens they saw at that time is the boss? well I'am not sure about this. All of the survive Gantz member will try hard to fight to survive. Well if this is the last mission I expect something will happen between them, or maybe Kurono will gain 100 point and ressurect all of his friend. Cant wait until Gantz 294 released.

Read and Review One Piece Chapter 534

One Piece Chapter 534 is already out.
Read it here.

At One Piece chapter 533, Luffy who arrive at level four meet with The Chief Warden Magelan. In this chapter Luffy and Magelan fight started. Luffy get a little trouble to fight with this guy because he using poison, even with one touch can make his body melt. Mr.2 who feel very scared, leaving Luffy fight with Magelan himslef. Meanwhile at the entrance to Level 3 Buggy and Mr.3 planning to crush on the guard and go back to level three before luffy lose, and Mr. 2 are coming to their direction.

At the end of the chapter Luffy trying to use "Gomu gomu no Jet Bazooka" on Magelan and sacrifice his hand to strike. Well, what will happen on Luffy and his companion next? Cant wait until One Piece Chapter 535 released. Anyone has spoiler or prediction for One Piece chapter 535? please leave some comment.

Read and Review Bleach Chapter 348

Bleach Chapter 348 is already out.
Read it here.

After cornered in Bleach chapter 347, in this chapter Ichigo try to fight back but all of his effort to beat Ulquiorra, fail. Ulquiorra force him to surrender and give up on his life, but Ichigo refuse. Meanwhile Inoue and Ishida trying to get upside the Dome with Ishida's ability, but unfortunately when they arrive at Ichigo's place, they saw Ichigo was dying in Ulquiorra's hands, and at the end of Bleach Chapter 348, Ulquiorra strike Ichigo with his finishing blow directly in his chest.

Well, will Ichigo able to survive, I cant wait until Bleach Chapter 349 released. But I am sure he will. What will be Bleach without Ichigo, it's main protagonist.

Read and Review Naruto Chapter 438

Naruto Chapter 438 is already out.
Read it here.

Naruto Six tailed kyubi was leaked in Naruto Chapter 437. In this chapter, Six Tailed Kyubi-Naruto battle with Pain still continued. The power of Kyubi chakra is urely great. Even god realm Pain having trouble with his power. Meanwhile Other Konoha Ninja make their move and trying to escape from the village, because that village will destroyed by Kyubi's power. Well, Sakura are planning to rescue Hinata, but her condition is unknown until this chapter. I hope Hinata will not dies right now. Meanwhile, Yamato who still searching for kabuto feel that Kyubi chakra is already broken, and he immediatly go back to the village.

At the end of the chapter God Realm Pain who cornered by Naruto lure Naruto to leave the village, Sakura and the other will use this opportunity to saving Hinata. But at the end of the Chapter God realm Pain using his secret technique "Chibaku Tensei" against Naruto. Will Pain able to surpress Kyubi Chakra, and will Yamato arrive in time? All will be answered in Naruto Chapter 439.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Kurohime - Manga Worth To Read

Kurohime WallpaperKurohime is another great manga that worth to read. This Manga tells about Story of Great Magician Kurohime who able to create a magic bullet and summon a dragon instantly from her weapon. Well it's another sexy manga and maybe if you like a semi-hentai manga this manga is nice to read. Back to the manga, because of her great ability Kurohime even dare to face the God. The God then put a curse on her to be a small little girl called Himeko.

Dark Zero Wallpaper from Kurohime MangaIn order to release the curse she must be feel in love with a person. In her journey she meets with Zero, a quadruple fast drawer shooter. In the past Kurohime save him from a Magician Robber, so since then Zero fell in love with Kurohime. Sometimes because moved with Zero's love to her, Kurohime's curse break for a short time of period. Then to completely released her curse, Kurohime and Zero travelling around the world. Well, that was a short of Kurohime Manga Story.

Bleach : Ichigo Images using Bankai

Here are some images showing Ichigo using his Bankai.
Well, A great images tough.
Enjoy ;)

Bleach : Great Fansmade Ichigo Images

Here is an Images showing Ichigo from Bleach.
It's a fansmade images but it looks very good and looks like draw by the creator itself.
Well Enjoy ;)

Ichigo Great Images from Bleach

Naruto : Great Fansmade naruto Images II

Here is Naruto Fansmade Images, showing Naruto in Real life as a schoolboy.
Well Not much I can say about this images.
Enjoy ;)

Naruto Images at real Life

Naruto : Great Naruto Images create by Arya Aiedail

Here are some Great Naruto images created by Arya-Aiedail at deviantart.
You are awesome, if you feel offended because I put your images here, please leave a comment... I will remove it ASAP.
Enjoy ;)

Hinata Think about naruto

Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto walk together (Naruto Shippuden

Chibi Akatsuki, Deidara and Tobi

Naruto : Survivor of Uchiha Family Wallpaper

Here are the Survive Uchiha Family Wallpaper from Naruto Shippuden.
From Left to Right : Sasuke, Madara, Itachi.

Uchiha Sasuke, Uchiha Madara, and Uchiha Itachi

Naruto : Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Sasuke Wallpaper

Here are wallpaper showing Itachi and Sasuke.
Fate make this two brother fight and kill each other.
Well, Enjoy ;)

Uchia Itachi vs. Uchiha Sasuke Wallpaper

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